All american pressure canner coupons

Anyone know where I can buy one of these fairly cheaply or knows of canning forum in the UK where people might sell them 2nd hand? They have them everywhere in America but here they are rare and expensive. I grow a lot of veg and buy a lot of meat and want to start canning it all. Help Please.

All american pressure canner coupons

Users saying Thanks 1. Page 1. Users saying Thanks 3. The other option is to buy from the US and pay the shipping fees, if it works out cheaper that way. I'm just not sure what normal pricing is for this kind of thing! Might be worth looking into other european online stores, as we as the US ones.

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Disreputabledog if you find one can you let me know please? If you take the chance on the import taxes you generally pay much more and pay the courier a handling fee on top. Users saying Thanks 2. Thats not a bad price at all is it. Think I shall get one next month.

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Thank you for that find. Then a friend at the local Uni heard that a visiting prof was coming over and they managed to find a free one on Craigslist and he carried it over for me. It's fab - I love it now that I have sourced some local jars. In fact we are off on holiday next week with a box of jars of various quick to heat dinners. For me its an investment - like my pressure cookers a great addition to the kitchen. Hope you find one you can afford soon hon. Users saying Thanks 4.

Nuatha that's fab! I don't feel quite so bad about waiting now! I need to butter him up! And then slowly work up the courage to ask him to bring something so heavy back lol. Badrick View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. I may be missing something here, but wouldn't a pressure cooker such as the Prestige hi dome do the job?

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Mark Steyn has stated, "In the UK, everything is policed except crime. If you are only canning high acid foods eg tomatoes, then these can be processed in a pressure cooker or a water bath.

Just found this thread. Looks like it might be OK?

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Seakay View public profile Send private message Find more posts View all thanked posts. While saving the oven method is a useful option. I have used it for fruit, tomato passata, and an Indian meat in oil preserve. All kept well and did not ferment or go off in any way. As long as you get a good vacuum seal when the jars are cold you are fine. If using Le Parfait just drop the lid and do not do up the clips until they have been processed in the oven.

With Kilner style jars set the rubber seal on top with the metal screw top loosely fitted — this is tightened after processing in the oven. What it says about pressure cookers is that they are not recommended because the warm up and cool down times are factored into the overall processing times and those would be less in a smaller pressure cooker. The advice not to use a pressure cooker derives more from the fact that it hasn't been tested and shown to be positively safe rather than that it has been shown to be positively unsafe IYSWIM.

Kuhn Rikon make very good pressure cookers and their American website confirmed they could be used for canning. One thing that is very important is being able to vent the cooker for the prescribed period before bringing it up to pressure. You may not be able to do this with some cookers, though you would with the Prestige as you would just leave the weight off.

I can also do it with my Kuhn Rikon automatic as I leave the pressure release valve turned to open, but I could not do it with the more basic model The issue with most pressure cookers made for the European market is that they only operate at two pressures, 8 psi and 12 psi. My Kuhn Rikon almost certainly does - when it is up to pressure it is almost silent, it is so well sealed that virtually no steam escapes. Whereas my old Prestige pressure cooker rattled and jiggled away at 15 psi to the extent that I suspect it was only operating at 12 psi in practice.

And that was one of the old British made models which were well engineered. Since the company went bust and was acquired by Meyer, production was outsourced to the Far East and reviews on Amazon suggest that the standard of manufacture is not as high these days - one of the reasons I went for my Kuhn Rikon, which I have to say is head and shoulders above.

After all my research I would feel fairly confident canning with a Prestige at 15psi or a Kuhn Rikon at 12 psi letting it run at a little bit above the indicated pressure, but in practice I don't because I splurged on an All American back when the dollar was weak against Sterling. But there are times when it would be useful to can just one jar of something eg chicken stock after boiling up a carcase, especially as I use the pressure cooker anyway to boil the carcase.

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